Is mini sex doll suitable as sex toys?

Are you looking for a petite lifelike mini sex doll? Tiny sex dolls are cute and easy to collect. They have mini bodies and sexy curvy bodies. Mini sex dolls are lightweight, small, and inexpensive, allowing you to easily move them into the sex positions you need. However, the laws of some countries do not allow the sale of small dolls. If you want to know whether the sale is allowed in your country, you can click this link to view the details.
Because the doll is relatively small, there is no way to customize many functions, such as areola color, nail color, whether it can stand up, nipple size, etc., because the process is relatively difficult, adding these functions will increase its price, resulting in mini sex The doll loses its cost performance, so generally we don’t do these customization options.
Small sex dolls can also accompany you in the bath, you can easily bring them into your bathroom, you can even have sex with them while bathing, so you don’t have to clean the dolls, isn’t it very convenient?
Of course, she can also sleep with you. When you wake up in the morning, you can see her at first sight. Doesn’t it feel very warm? You can even wake up and have sex with her in the morning to start the day off right.
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Though these dolls are more realistic and detailed, these dolls are still small. However, you can use these dolls for oral, anal and vaginal sex. You can expect a little more than sex without spending too much money. These dolls almost look like real women and weigh approximately 10-12 kg. These mini sex dolls are not too heavy and therefore, are very easy to handle. 100 cm mini sex dolls are ideal for men having back problems. People with back problems should not go for medium and large full silicone sex dolls.

One common disadvantage of both dolls is that you can dress them in regular clothes. However, these dolls are lightweight and very easy to handle.