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What Is The Difference Between Inflatable Sex Doll and TPE/Silicone Sex Doll?

Inflatable Sex Doll: Made of plastic, low price, lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used repeatedly. An inflatable doll has a vagina, anus, and an open mouth. But it is made of plastic, the texture is hard and realism is low. It can’t perform different actions either. The overall experience is ordinary.

TPE/Silicone Sex Doll: The mainstreams on the market and chosen by most doll lovers currently! The doll is made of medical grade TPE/Silicone material, which is safe for the human body. It can be used for more than 5 years if it is well maintained! TPE doll’s skin is soft and touches like milk. The soft texture can bring you an excellent sexual experience. Silicone dolls are the most realistic and luxurious sex dolls on the market. If you look closer, you can even see the skin texture, freckles, blood vessels, and pores! If you’re looking for a more realistic experience, you can upgrade it with intelligent heating, voice dialogue, and moaning functions as well. But whether it is a TPE or Silicone sex doll, they can full-body customize and perform different poses according to your preferences. By the way, it is more attractive when they put on sexy lingerie. They can satisfy all your fantasies!

Why Should You Own a Sex Doll?

The history of sex doll:
The first sex doll was created in the Netherlands more than 400 years ago. Mrs. Tourist is a romantic name for her. Her body is made of fabric, leather, and other materials that are only available to the crew. However, the crew stated that the user experience is terrible owing to inferior materials and a huge number of users and that it is preferable to use hands.
The lifelike sex dolls did not arrive until the development of vulcanized rubber, and the fortunate life of bachelors had only just begun. Inflatable dolls for “fussy gentlemen” became popular in the early twentieth century, and more realistic sex toys became available.
Nowadays, there are not only inflatable dolls, but also more real sex dolls. Even sex robots that can simply interact are also very common.

Development of sex dolls:

Nowadays, sex dolls are getting more and more realistic and diverse. One is to develop in the direction of artificial intelligence, and the other is to focus on the function of sexual needs and companionship. However, they all look real as living people. Blonde hair, black hair, red hair, white, Latin, Asian, black, and others. You can even customize a new sex doll according to your own preference. QcSexDolls provides a rich list of customizations for you to choose from. Such as the height, body shape, skin color, breast size, hair, eyes, and even the color and size of the areola can be customized. A lifelike sex doll may be further customized according to someone you like, adore, or even fantasize or dream about, such as a porn star or someone who passed away. Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Sexual needs:

The best part is she is able to meet your sexual needs at any time as long as you want! You can try unlocked sex positions with her, or play some exciting couple games together! In any case, she is absolutely safe and free of any STD (sexually transmitted disease). You don’t have to worry about feeling guilty or being judged. Just enjoy your perfect sex journey!


Why more and more people choose a sex doll instead of a real person to accompany themselves? A sex doll can not only relieve work pressure, reduce sex crimes, save dating expenses, balance a couple’s relationship, but also provide you spiritual companionship. Some people think giving love to a real sex doll is strange behavior, but in fact, everyone puts emotions on all kinds of things. It could be a figure, a necklace, or something else. But it can also be a real love doll. If you have a good day, you can share your joy with her. But when you get tired of the day, she will lie quietly beside you, listen to your depression, and never complain. Especially when you go out and think of someone waiting for you at home, you will feel happy! She does not ask for anything. Always listen, respect, and companion with you.

How to Have Sex With a Sex Doll?

How does sex dolls feel like?

The touch of the sex doll’s skin is as soft as a baby, especially after applying talcum powder, it is just as silky as milk! You can even smell a faint fragrance after bathing her. Big breasts, thin waist, long legs, always stimulate your senses and fantasies. The sex doll can take various poses according to your preferences, whether it is passionate sex or sitting still, she always can bring you different enjoyment!

How to have sex with a sex doll?

Hugging & Kissing: We take pleasure in providing the highest quality sex dolls to help you realize your desires. Our sex dolls are composed of medical-grade TPE and silicone, which are both soft, plump, and highly lifelike.
Vaginal Canal: The highlight of the encounter is vaginal sex! The vagina is made to resemble that of a woman, and you may choose your favorite from the many possibilities offered. Why not slip your rock-hard dick inside and experience the sensation?
● Mouth: What about ahead? For a genuine oral experience, sex dolls are made to have a realistic mouth with teeth, a tongue, and a deep throat. A lifelike sex doll might genuinely suck you like a real lady, with a sprinkle of premium lubrication is much better.

● Anal: We will not forget about the anal lovers! Your ultimate sex doll comes with an anatomically realistic, incredibly tight anus. It’s a completely different experience than the vaginal, but yes, You can slap the big ass shaking in front of you during sex.

How to Choose Your First Realistic Sex Doll?

If this is your first time purchasing a sex doll, you might need to read this. Here are some tips for helping you to get your favourite doll.

Suggestion 1. Choose a doll from our local warehouse.

All dolls in stock are already made and pre-configured, unable to provide too many personalized options, just like stock cars in 4S stores. Although the dolls are made in advance, you don’t need to worry about the quality issue, because we have a fast turnover rate in our warehouse, and the newly arrived dolls will be sold soon and we will have strict quality inspections before shipment. Moreover, we also have a wealth of doll selections to choose from. The hot figure, BBW, MILF, Curve, and cute dolls… And the biggest advantage is that you don’t need to wait for a long time, it will be sent from the local warehouse in the United States or other countries by local express with only 2 working days after you place your order. And you don’t have to worry about tariffs and shipping costs either. Go check it out right now!

Suggestion 2. Choose a doll you like and start customizing!

Step 1. Determine your budget.

Sex dolls currently on the market are generally priced at $600-3300. (Except for special high-tech dolls) This is determined by the manufacturing process, raw materials, and transportation costs. Normally, the price range of basic level TPE sex dolls is around $600-1300. Silicone dolls are the most realistic but the most expensive. Therefore, determining the budget is the first step in purchasing sex dolls.

Step 2. Choose your doll materials.

TPE, full silicone, or TPE body + silicone head is the current mainstream of sex doll material. They have their own advantages and characteristics.

Step 3. Choose the height of the doll.

QcSexDolls provides you with various heights of dolls to choose from. Our sex dolls are mainly divided into 140cm (4’6)-175cm (5’7). The higher the doll, the better the experience, and the more expensive as well. Of course, some doll lovers prefer small dolls, but in many countries and regions, dolls shorter than 140cm are prohibited! In addition, if you take storage into consideration, short dolls are more convenient to store. Generally, they can be stored under the bed or on a storable sofa. Or you can consider the doll split function, which is detachable thighs, and this option is for free. Shop sex doll by height.

Step 4. Choose the weight of the doll.

Weight is a key consideration for many experienced doll lovers. The weight of a doll is determined by her height and weight. The taller and curvier the figure, the heavier the doll. Here, we strongly recommend that you choose a doll based on your physical capabilities. Because there is a metal skeleton inside the doll, and you certainly don’t want to feel like working out at the gym every time you play with her! The dolls around 150cm-160cm are our best seller. Eg: 140cm(4’6)=26kg(57lb) ,175cm(5’7)=38kg(84lb)

Step 5. Choose body shape & appearance.

This section is up to your personal preference. For example, you can choose a big breasts beauty with blonde hair, a petite but curvy teen, or a doll that looks like a movie star. You can even find vampires, elves, and anime girls here. QcSexDolls offers a huge selection of sex dolls by different characterizes. You can find these sex doll categories in our shop:
1. Teen, adult, milf & mature sex dolls.
2. Mini, curvy, BBW, fitness, slender, big boobs, and fat sex dolls.
3. Anime, blonde, celebrity, porn stars, black, Japanese & Asian sex dolls.
4. Sex dolls for Men & Women

You can find most mainstream sex dolls in But if you are looking for a particular doll, you can contact us as well. We will help you find it out or customize a new one according to your requirements. [email protected]

Step 6. Add on upgrade functions.

● Gel-Filled Boobs: Recommend!Gel-filled breasts are softer than regular breasts and firmer and perkier than hollow breasts. If you looking for a more realistic experience, add it on!

● Standing Feet: Recommend! If you want your doll to stand please choose to add it. Foot fetish and long-term standing are not recommended.

● Removable Vagina: Recommend! Because you might not want to move the whole doll to the bathroom and clean it every time after you used it. That will make you exhausted! Although it might feel less realistic than the fixed vagina.

● Smart Heating: Recommend! If you are often in low temperature areas. Because in addition to the touch of a real person, we need the temperature of a real person as well, don’t we?

● Touch Moaning & Dialogue: Highly recommend! Imagine that when you look at her beautiful face, stroke her devilish body, and listen to this seductive moan?! Nothing is better than this ever!



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