The difference between expensive and cheap sex dolls

What is the difference between expensive dolls and cheap ones? Next, Mr. Kato will take you to count them one by one.

First of all, the materials used for expensive dolls and cheap dolls will be different.

Are silicone materials generally expensive and TPE materials are cheap?

Here we want to talk about the difference between expensive and cheap sex dolls with the same materials. Expensive dolls have good craftsmanship. Generally speaking, good dolls are reflected in head carvings. The closer a good head sculpture is shot, the more realistic it will feel. Puppets with poor workmanship will generally be shot from a long distance, and then all kinds of drawings will be revised. It is impossible to shoot at close range, and one shot will mess up.

You can take a closer look at this eyeball. Good eyeballs are over 100. Generally, the eyeballs of the baby factory range from 10 to 50 yuan, so they look very dull. The picture is much better for the workmanship of the eyeballs, and you can also see the blood of the whites of the eyes.

Let’s take a look at the eyebrows.

Generally, the eyebrows of children are painted, which can save costs. And this kind of better baby, whose eyebrows are implanted, looks more real. By the way, let’s talk about hair. Hair transplant dolls have hairline, which will be more expensive. Non hair transplant dolls are cheaper.