Cheap Sex Dolls: Do not buy it?

Why do you say that cheap dolls are not good on the Internet and the quality cannot be guaranteed. In fact, they did not tell you the complete truth.
Because many cheap sex dolls are direct sales of factories, compared to dealers, there are many promotional fees, and naturally the price is cheap.

Many of the factories are their own warehouses, so many in-stock sex dolls are also the work of the factory, and many agents are also selling. Inventory dolls are sent to the warehouse by sea transportation, and the freight is much cheaper than air transport.

Best Cheap Sex Dolls for 2022

1.In Stock Dolls Castle 170cm (5ft7) E cup Sexy Sex Doll Gebriella

This real doll is 170cm tall, and the price is slightly more expensive than other sex dolls, but it is recommended to buy this one. 170cm real dolls are relatively small, and this price is very few.

2.In Stock 5.3ft / 163cm BBW Sex Doll Jasmine:

This sex doll can be said to be a classic. Many people like this. The sales volume and word of mouth are very good. If you are strong enough, this one is definitely worth having.

3.In Stock 4.92ft/150cm Girl Sex Doll Tarja:

If the above one is too big and too heavy for you, then this one is very suitable for you. This sex doll is also a classic, and the sales volume is also one of the best, because it is lighter and smaller, it is more convenient to use.