Amazon sex dolls: worth to buy?

When you buy such a sex doll on Amazon, you have 50% chance of buying a counterfeit sex doll (fake sex doll).

Thousands if not millions of products are being handled by Amazon every day.

Their process is simple: rather than scanning the labels on the product itself, they rely on scanning the outer labels. And if a seller makes a mistake with labels, nobody will notice until it’s too late.

As of now, they don’t inspect the items in the warehouses or even ensure you get a product from the seller you order from.

You see, Amazon is barcode focused, using it together with ASIN numbers to keep track of shipments. It means that If you live closer to a warehouse holding another seller’s “identical” product, that’s the one you will get.

Why “identical”? In some cases, it is the same product provided by a different seller. In others? It’s a counterfeit item with the original product’s barcode.

Considering how the warehouse handles shipments, you have no certainty that you’ll receive the exact product you ordered.

You may be purchasing from a company with high-quality products, but unless they pay extra to have their items stored on their own, it’s a gamble.

Vendors deceive their customers by giving the wrong characteristics and by lying about the materials used to make the product.

Do not buy your cheap sex doll on Marketplaces (Amazon, AliExpress, eBay).

Inquire about the vendor, are they known by the manufacturer, on forums, do they have verified feedback, do they have corporate credentials?

If still in doubt, contact them by email, online chat and make sure that your contact is credible, in particular by asking questions about where their sex dolls come from.